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  • All orders are inspected prior to shipment for any damages.
  • We'll get your order shipped to the job site or to your home / office address as mentioned under shipping on the order.
  • Once placed the shipping address cannot be changed, however can be canceled and changed to the new address under a fresh order.
  • All pallet deliveries are by default curbside without guaranteed date of delivery.
  • We'll make sure that you get the best possible freight and enjoy our discounted rates.
  • We try our best to get your order delivered on time. However the dates given are approximation and can change based on different situations.

Patio Pavers USA ships its products to customers anywhere in the United States. Stone products are very HEAVY which makes these products more expensive to ship when compared to other items you can purchase online like clothing, electronics, etc. Depending on the size and weight of your order, our integrated technology determines which method of shipment will be used. Items can both be delivered to residential or commercial addresses.

Whoever is accepting the delivery must inspect the material and note any damage on the delivery slip before the driver leaves. You need to make sure that the order is inspected when delivered. If you are not going to be the one accepting the order, you have to make sure that the person signing the order is capable of doing so. You cannot sign the paperwork and let the driver leave until the order has been thoroughly inspected. If there is any damaged material, it must be noted on the paperwork in order for us to issue replacement material to you and for us to be properly reimbursed by the trucking company. If there is any damaged material, we will immediately reship your replacement for this material, as long as it was noted in the paperwork.

Your Delivery Options

  • UPS Ground - Recommended for orders less than 20 sft.

    Please Note -
    1. We do not recommend this type of shipping for tiles 12" and above since they have high chance of breakages, which are not covered under insurance / replacement.

    2. These deliveries are made without signature and can be left at your front porch / door etc. If you want a 'Signature Required' Service kindly let us know in advance. This entails additional fees from UPS and they will not deliver until someone is available to sign. Not selecting "Signature Required' in your order authorizes us / our partner carriers to leave the shipment on your front door.

3rd Party Trucking Company options:

  • Residential Delivery by Freight Company
    Delivery at home -  Curb-side residential delivery “with liftgate” is cost-effective.
    Order is shipped from our warehouse, via third-party carrier trucking (30'-50' trailer, depending on  order), lowered down to your curbside / driveway using lift gate. You and your helpers move your order indoors to your garage or house.
  • Residential Delivery "Inside" by Freight Company
    - If you don't expect to have help on the arrival day or have large staircase you could invest in this service. This has an added cost to the above mentioned curbside delivery and offered only by request of the customer prior to placing the order.
    - Order is shipped from our warehouse, via third-party carrier trucking (30'-50' trailer, depending on  order), Lowered down to your curbside/driveway using lift gate, Trucking company representative move your order indoors to your garage or house
  • Commercial Delivery by Freight Company
    - If you are receiving your order in a commercial location which has a loading dock and unloading equipment ie forklift, pallet jack, then it's advisable to use this cost saving service.
    - Order is shipped from our warehouse, via third-party carrier trucking (30'-50' trailer, depending on  order), The truck is backed onto a loading dock from where your warehouse staff could pull the order.
  • Pick Up At the Carrier Terminal ("Terminal Pickup") - You could pick up the goods from the Freight carriers pick up terminal (Closest to your address). This is recommended if the jobsite is still under construction with no direct access or you have a very congested driveway/curbside. We can provide with the address at the time of order (Please contact us) so you can decided if this option works with you. This option can help buyers obtain huge savings on the shipping costs of the materials ordered.

    Order is shipped from our warehouse, via third-party carrier trucking (30'-50' trailer, depending on  order). Trucking carrier will contact you once the order is ready to be picked up. You would require a valid form of identification and vehicle capable of handling weight/length of your order/pallet. Pallet needs to be transported from their warehouse intact.
  • It is customer's responsibility to state the correct Delivery Conditions (Residential vs. Commercial and Liftgate Delivery) at the time of the order. If the carrier that is used to ship the order charges for any additional conditions not stated on the order, Patio Pavers USA reserves the right to bill the customer for those charges upon providing proper documentation of those charges.
  • Container Load Orders - Large orders over 4000 sft will attract a much negotiated freight / shipping charge. Please contact us so our team can work with you and offer the best shipping rate and also a competitive product price.
  • For all your purchases, please contact us for delivery arrangements. (Buyers need to contact Patio Pavers USA and confirm their names, delivery addresses and contact phone numbers) for the proper and timely delivery of their orders. All info can be sent to mail us along with the item listing number
  • Samples ship via USPS or UPS. Please allow 1-2 business days for processing and 1-5 business days for delivery. Patio Pavers USA DOES NOT accept returns on samples.