what does every laundry room need

Laundry room floor plans and the laundry room process of integrating floor plan with laundry area is an interesting home development project to look into. Whether you want to design your laundry room with a virtual laundry room designer or choose hanging laundry room cabinets, calculate the height of the washer and dryer, or simply get laundry room organization and laundry room wall decor ideas, this blog will help you realize your dream laundry room.

Own it

Whether you've got a sprawling space or a small closet to figure with, your laundry room should reflect your unique decorating style and blend in together with your existing decor. Small spaces provide fantastic opportunities to require a couple of design risks, so plow ahead and make it your own! Now's the time to undertake that bold floor tile, wallpaper, or trendy pop of color you’ve been eyeing on Instagram.


If light, airy, and neutral is more your speed, consider adding tone-on-tone texture to your walls with white subway tile, or a reasonable textured wallpaper like this brick wallpaper. Making your laundry room desire a “real room” will brighten your outlook on the task and add character to your home!

Include a sink in your design

Take exceptional design beyond the kitchen by installing a gorgeous laundry sink. Laundry sinks are fantastic for hand-washing delicates, soaking stained items, pre-washing clothes, cleaning up paint-brushes, washing off dirty shoes, and taking care of child and pet accidents. When considering laundry sinks, you would like to seem for a stain-resistant sink with a deep bowl.

The function should be followed by form

When thinking through what your laundry design should include, the shape should follow function–meaning the aim of the space should be the start line for your design. With some creative planning, you'll pack tons of utility into even the littlest of space. Here are some quick mini-tips for every zone.


Mobile laundry sorters allow you to sort lights and darks and move dirty clothes to the washer easily. If you've got the ground space for a sorter, place it where the whole family can easily access it.

Drying and washing

Your appliances will greatly impact your room design and wish to be considered carefully. Stackable machines are an exquisite option for little spaces and release precious square footage. For air-dry only items, a drying rack is handy! Use available wall space to put in a pull-down drying rack which will be stowed away when not in use.


Keep the board accessible and out of the way by hanging it on the wall. Also, consider updating your board cover to match your new decor. A cute fabric cover can turn your board into a wall accessory!

Cupboards, shelves, and baskets to maximize storage

Take your cues from good kitchen designs and maximize your laundry storage with a mixture of closed and open storage. Additionally, laundry items tend to deal with cleaning products, bulk supplies, and other random but necessary household goods. Closed storage is a beautiful way of keeping these things organized, accessible, but out of sight.