The kitchen is the heart of every home. Most people spend a lot of time in this room, cooking and socializing with friends or family. It's important that kitchens be designed to meet the needs of the user while also looking great. In order to make your kitchen more Instagrammable, you should try out these 7 decor trends:

1) Utilize natural materials such as wood or stone for countertops

The most popular and trending materials for Kitchen countertops are wood, stone, or even concrete. You can opt for a more expensive material such as marble to give your kitchen an elegant look. Most people prefer wooden surfaces because they're easy to maintain and durable. They need less maintenance than stone counters which require resealing every few years.

Use a mixture of patterns and materials to give your countertops an eclectic look.

2) Use bright colors like yellow or blue to create a cheery atmosphere

If you're having trouble getting inspired, try using bright colors to decorate your kitchen. Most people prefer neutral colors because they match any type of furniture. However, you can create a warm and inviting kitchen by using bright colors like yellow or blue.

If your cabinets are white, you can opt for yellow walls and blue countertops. This way, the room will have a fun yet modern look that is perfect for a kitchen.

If you want a more subtle look, go for blue walls and yellow countertops. Most people associate this color combination with summertime due to its brightness.

Use the color wheel to pick your colors and achieve a balanced look.

3) Add an island for additional workspace and storage space

An island is a great way to add storage space and more countertop room for cooking. Most people don't have the luxury of extra space in their kitchen. If you're having trouble fitting everything in your cabinets, opt for an island to get more storage space and countertop room.

4) Include a gallery wall displaying pictures from your travels around the world

If you're interested in decorating your kitchen with travel photos, try printing them out on canvas. Most people prefer to display close-ups of different countries since they're beautiful and inspiring.

Don't be afraid to mix different types of photos in the same frame. You can put a picture of the Eiffel Tower next to a photo of your favorite city. We prefer this since it gives the kitchen an eclectic look that is perfect for travel lovers.

You can also display your favorite quotes on the wall for added inspiration during mealtime.

5) Hang string lights overhead for an elegant ambiance at night-time

String lights are a great way to add an elegant ambiance to your kitchen at night-time. Most kitchens are dimly lit with overhead lights that aren't very atmospheric or inviting.

You can easily add string lights overhead to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. We prefer white Christmas lights because they're affordable, elegant and modern.

6) Install shiny backsplash tiles to give your kitchen a glamorous look

Shiny tiles are a great way to add glamour and shine to your kitchen. Most people have plain white walls in their kitchens, which makes them look dull.

Shiny tiles are a stylish way to cover your walls without spending too much money on expensive materials like marble or granite.

7) Use area rugs to define different zones of the kitchen

If your kitchen is too large, it can be hard to separate different zones. People usually have a dining area in their kitchens with chairs and tables. Most people also have a cooking area with stoves and counters.

If your kitchen is too large, you can use different types of rugs and carpets to define each zone. We recommend using area rugs and runners because they look beautiful and make the room feel cozier.

People spend a lot of time in their kitchens. Details like these can make all the difference between an average and Instagrammable space! Be sure to follow these tips if you want your kitchen to be stunning.