Renovate your home with layered pool design

A swimming pool is one of the best features to have in your property, for its impressive ability to provide physical, emotional, and even social well being. But an old, drab pool might not make the cut for you. If you are looking to makeover your pool design, you need to get started with some basic ideas. Renovation can be as simple as a DIY pool remodel, or can stretch to professional inground pool remodel.

Addition of New Features

If you are planning to renovate your small house design with a swimming pool, adding new features like water slides, water jets and waterfalls might be what you want to start off with. Done properly, these small changes will dramatically transform your swimming pool experience. You can seek professional help, and you have to in some cases, but you can also go DIY for some.

Go creative with your waterfalls

You can choose natural stone material or artificial material that gives a natural look for your waterfall. Artificial material is often more suitable for swimming pool situations, and they also look as good as their natural counterpart. A creative waterfall is the first step towards swimming pool renovation.

Laminar and deck jets

Fountain bubblers create mini-geysers where they are installed. They are a fun addition to any pool, and particularly appealing to kids (also for the kid inside adults). Laminar and deck jets are primarily aesthetic additions, and they are generally inexpensive and have a simple installation process. The small amount of investment and effort pays off with a great looking swimming pool.


Water-slides add a whole new dimension to your swimming pool. This is often considered to be the ultimate pool enhancement. In this addition, you need professional help, and it’s wise to seek trustable professionals because the water-slide needs to be properly integrated with the swimming pool. A water-slide provides tons of opportunities to have fun while enjoying your swimming session.

Pool liners

When working with an existing pool in your backyard, replacing pool liners is basically a maintenance issue, not a renovation idea. But replacing and refitting pool liners can uplift the entire look of your swimming pool and backyard.

Remodel your swimming pool deck

Pool decking can be done in a wide range of styles and designs. From the material to the texture to the colors, you have enough options to get you spoilt.

The poured concrete deck is a popular and affordable option. They can be sealed with many aesthetically appealing finishes, like natural stone. Wood decks are also easy to build and affordable, but need more maintenance work. Composite wood is a better option in terms of maintenance since it is made up of artificial material.

Stone decks are also a good option since they work well with water and offer a non-slip surface.

With the basic ideas in place, you can now go ahead and implement our swimming pool renovation ideas and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your pool to a different level.