Playroom design ideas create amazing space that organized and fun

The playroom is often overlooked as a part of the house, but nothing makes your child (and probably you) happier than being in a playroom. However, creating a playroom requires some planning and designing, and that’s what we are going to help you with. Be it creating a playroom in a small space or living room-playroom combo ideas, we have ideas for all your needs.

The primary purpose of a playroom is to make your child happy. Let’s see how we can do that.

Everyone loves a treehouse

Be it a child or an adult, everyone loves a treehouse. You can bring the treehouse experience indoors with a faux tree and built-in storage. You can even add an indoor swing and some other pieces of equipment. Bring in a few indoor plants and trees, and watch your kid spend days in and out enjoying themselves in their little treehouse.

Movie-inspired art

For the playroom wall decor, you can opt for your child’s favorite movie poster along with a few props inspired by that movie. You can take inspiration from multiple books, movies, comics, cartoons. Keep it in such a way that it stimulates your child’s imagination, and always listen to their wishes. Remember that with time, your child’s favorites will change, and so will the playroom decor.

Add a chalkboard

A Chalkboard can become your child’s canvas and an ever-changing one at that. They can write, scribble, draw, and do whatever they want on the board. It’s a great way to let their creativity flow unhindered and allows their cognitive abilities to grow. Overall, a chalkboard fits the playroom aesthetics perfectly.


A nature-inspired playroom is something both you and your child would love. Paint murals of countrysides and beautiful natural locations while incorporating decor items that go along with the theme. You can use nature-inspired carpet tiles and wallpapers as well.

Statement art

A wall full of bold art pieces can create a wonderful effect in the playroom. It might seem a little counterintuitive and unconventional at first, but we promise you the result will be something else altogether. Statement art pieces stand out and elevate the look of the room to a different level.

Mix up the storage options

Having a mix of open and closed storage options adds to both functionality and aesthetics of the room. They keep the toys within reach, and open storage options allow you to exhibit the stand out toys and other pieces you and your child love. Invest in sturdy storage bins so that they last for a long time.

Choose a mix of furniture

Different types of furniture lets you understand which type will last in the playroom and will suit the child’s needs, and which won’t. By having a mix, you don’t have to deal with a mass replacement of furniture in case something doesn’t work out. Having an eclectic mix also adds to the playful vibe of the room. This is very effective if you want inexpensive playroom ideas.

Hope the kids and you have a blast in the playroom you create for yourselves!