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Your broken glass and ceramics do not need to be dumped in the trash. DIY mosaic projects are the best way to utilize them. These low-cost or no-cost projects are a great way to add a lively touch to your homes while allowing you to exhibit your creativity. If you have kids, you can engage them in children’s mosaic art projects. Mosaic projects for the garden can beautify your lawn without you having to burn a hole in your pocket. Let’s find out how to add oomph to your space with some mosaic.

What supplies do we need?

The beauty of mosaic tile craft supplies is that they are all around you, and you may not even know that! You can make a mosaic with glass, stone, porcelain, ceramic, seashells, etc. The possibilities are as diverse as your creativity. In case you don’t find anything suitable lying around you, consider paying a visit to your local mosaic craft supplies store.

For children, it is always better to use kid-friendly material that does not have sharp edges. Round glass gems are an example.

Here’s a basic checklist of supplies for your mosaic project:

• Mosaic tiles

• A base (on which you will do your craft)

• Grout - for a finishing layer

• A knife or stick for spreading the grout

• Cloth or sponge

• Strong adhesive

Mosaic Wall DIY

Revamping your wall may be less intimidating than you think it is. All you need to do is

⇨ Decide on a design

⇨ Find out a spot. You can find a spot in the living room where visitors will have the opportunity of seeing your artwork.

⇨ Select the material for your design. Remember to match the size and shape of your material with the design you choose.

Draw your design on a base. You can look up ideas or just let your creativity flow.

⇨ Lay your pieces on the base to check for possible errors. Rectify them accordingly.

⇨ Glue down your material to the base. Only do this after you like the way the mosaic turns out to look.

⇨ Finish your mosaic with grout or sealant.

And there you have it! Hang or place your DIY mosaic wherever you want, and make heads turn.

Mosaic flower pots

This mosaic project is perfect for your garden. The best part is, you possibly do not even have to buy mosaic tiles for this one. Just use your old broken terracotta, shape, color, and design them to your preference, and use them to cover your old, plain planters. It is important to use a water-resistant finish on top of this so that the wear and tear of outdoors do not break it down.

For children, mosaic crafts are a great way to develop patience and creativity. Children can make DIY mosaic coasters, garden rocks, wall hangings, gazing ball, etc. Just make sure that they use kid-friendly mosaic material and non-toxic adhesives.

So without wasting more time, go ahead and let your creativity flow through broken pieces of glass and stone.