how to turn a traditional home into a farmhouseA traditional modern farmhouse sounds like an oxymoron. But if you know how to mix farmhouse and mid-century styles, or mixing rustic and traditional styles, or how to mix farmhouse and glam, you can nail this conundrum. Can you mix farmhouse with traditional? Sure you can.

This blog post is all about how do you convert a traditional house into a modern home, modern farmhouse styles, and more. Keep reading to find out.

Neutral Colors on the Walls

The first step in achieving a farmhouse look is neutral paint colors. Avoid dark or bright colors and also attempt to keep from painting each room a special color. Choose a soft beige, cream, or maybe gray–it doesn’t need to be white. Having a light-weight color on the walls sets the tone for the farmhouse look.

And keeping the walls all within an equivalent color scheme is calming and helps blend everything.

Incorporate Dimension

If you would like an enormous change, find how to feature beadboard, shiplap, or wainscoting into your home. One thing you’ll notice a few lots of farmhouse-style homes is that the walls are filled with dimension and texture.

Many true farmhouses were filled with real, rustic shiplap. Try starting small and consider adding beadboard to the walls in your bathroom, shiplap (or planked walls) in your front room, or even wainscoting in your dining room.

Modern Farmhouse Design Elements

Further, combining the weather of the farmhouse look, without going over the greatest, usually includes using clean lines, warm woods, and touches of black accents. Additional staples could be industrial lighting, the omnipresent shiplap, and black metal window frames. This high-contrast look is neat and adds tremendous curb appeal.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Most modern farmhouse kitchens are the home’s forum. In them you’ll find solid surface backsplashes and open shelving, the right location to showcase your collectibles.

Modern Farmhouse Decor Ideas

When accessorizing a contemporary farmhouse, try to not clutter your home with meaningless decorations. Rather, keep your design minimal and adorn with chunky wool blankets or woven baskets. The décor should be casual, comfortable, and accessible.

Incorporating a contemporary Farmhouse Design Throughout a House

It is often quite the undertaking to revamp your entire home. However, pairing your existing contemporary, modern, or traditional design with the fashionable farmhouse look is achievable with a couple of small touches. If you currently have an up-to-date house but want to include the design, aim to feature warmth and texture by layering warmer wood tones and natural fibers with pillows and throws.

Traditional homes would wish to get rid of strong patterns and overly cluttered accessories that are too detailed to form things that look cleaner and understated.

Add Texture for a country Feel

Texture also plays a critical role during a farmhouse aesthetic. Adding unique and varied materials to any room gives it a private feel that you simply wouldn’t find during a seemingly stark, modern home. By adding elements like wool and seagrass on your floors and walls, you'll achieve natural texture with stunning details.