how to design a pool and waterfall with stacked stone

The climate of one's home0 can be greatly improved by swimming pools. In addition to primarily providing famil0y members with fun and relaxation, swimming pools often increase your home's aesthetic appeal and at the same time increase its value, particularly when fitted with stacked stone pool tile and pool ledger stone. As it is considered to be a major part of the yard and the main attraction of most homes, attention should also be paid to enhancing its elegance. If you want to lift the overall interest of your swimming pool and turn it into a wonderful piece of art, one of the alternatives you might take is to add plants around a waterfall.

Pool waterfall ideas are an important part of the design of the swimming pool, as an existing stone veneer around the pool can be quickly turned into a more desirable part of your house. If it can be used to create a striking visual effect or create modern waterfalls, it brings the "wow factor" to a swimming pool. The flagstone pool waterfall feature can also give your swimming pool a different character, from a refreshing oasis to a tranquil retreat, a tropical resort, a romantic retreat, or a child-friendly zone.

Visual impact and beyond

In addition to the visual effects, water features also provide a little more fun in terms of use. The addition of a vertical water element also makes your swimming pool come to life by using flowing water that runs through your body from gently cascading waterfalls while increasing the level of experience. It can also feel like tiny hydro massages to fire water from jets that make you feel comfortable when having a dip in the pool.

Points to consider when selecting the right water feature for your pool


Not only because of the aesthetic appeal but also because of the sound it makes, most homeowners opt for an added water pool component for their home. The atmosphere that your water feature will build is equally important to develop. Not only must a well-designed pool water feature be visually pleasing, but it is also equally appealing to other senses. Ambient noises are said to create a calming vibe and a relaxed environment, such as the sound of running water. Although opting for a quiet setting, go for characteristics of water that do not emit sound.


Water features also provide features that can be tailored to various environments, providing various effects. Based on the user's overall mood or the homeowner's individual preferences, these features can be activated.


To boost its ambiance and appearance, mood and accent lighting can be applied to the water element. Warm lights or colored lights add visual appeal and also make the water feature stand out at night in particular. Another significant aspect is natural lighting, as the way the water feature absorbs and scatters sunlight causes an effect on the hue.

Hope the waterfall and stacked stone features breathe new life into your pool!

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