how to choose a best tiles 5 tips for picking an interior floor and wallChoose the best wall and floor combination for your home without tips to choose the best tile floors for every room. We bring to you interior design flooring tips, basic interior floor design tips, information on how to match wall tones with your LVT floors, and even more. Read on to find out.

Indeed, homeowners do not need to choose from form and performance. Advances in printing technology have allowed manufacturers to make vinyl flooring that’s a ringer for reclaimed Barnwood and porcelain tile that easily passes for Calacatta marble. and unlike the faux flooring of the past, today’s developments eliminate pattern reduplication and incor¬po¬rate pirate characters for a double dose of authenticity.


Ceramic tiles are the well-liked choice when it involves bathrooms. Glazed ceramic tiles work well for toilet walls but not for the flooring, as they will become slippery when wet. Use natural stones like granite, sandstone, or slate instead. they're safer to steer on when wet, as they provide an honest grip.

Kitchen & Mudroom

The Challenge

Grit-covered shoes grind in the dirt, raincoats drip, chairs drag back and forth, and heavy cans crash from the countertop to the ground. Simply put, the kitchen and mudroom require the hardest-working flooring in your home.

Though wood remains a widely used aesthetic choice, it won’t get up there to assault: Our tests show that, generally, wood flooring is much more susceptible to denting than other materials, and with only a few exceptions, pedestrian traffic is hard on the finish.

Top Choice: Porcelain Tile

A natural fit high-traffic area of the house, porcelain tile outperformed every other flooring material we tested for resistance to scratching and resisted dents alright. Plus, porcelain tile comes with a range of designs to suit any décor. you'll get small-format hex tiles for a standard early-20th-century house, for instance, or 4-foot faux reclaimed-ash planks that, when laid tightly alongside an identical grout, will convincingly create the design of wood. Tile is additionally a low-maintenance sort of flooring, never ¬requiring quite a vacuuming and mopping, and it’ll last a lifetime.

Dining and front room

Top Choice: Solid Wood. By this we mean prefinished wood flooring like the 14 products we tested (10 of which earned excellent or Good scores overall), also as unfinished wood flooring, which gets sanded and finished on site. (CR doesn't test unfinished floors because much of what we analyze is said to the finish.) There are many reasons to choose prefinished planks. You won’t have dust from sanding or fumes from finishing to deal with during installation; counting on how it’s installed, you would possibly be ready to walk on the floors right away, and prefinished flooring also tends to be less costly. Perhaps most vital, the factory-¬applied finishes are significantly tougher-wearing than what your contractor would be likely to use once the ground is installed.