The need for tiling has increased over time. People are starting to realize that tile may be a relatively inexpensive option for both flooring and wall decorations. There are numerous options available when it comes to finding tiles; it all depends on your taste and preferences. If you want to give your house a trendy feel, you may easily choose glossy tiles, or if you want sleekness and rust, matte tiles.

There are many goods available because of the rising popularity of tiling. Natural-looking tiles, such as those made of marble, granite, cement, and other materials, are in extremely high demand. These tiles significantly outperform genuine marble or granite in terms of installation, cost, and other aspects.

We'll discuss how to choose the appropriate tile for each place in this blog.

First the basics

Choosing the tile you need is the first step. For your floor, for instance, you could choose to choose vitrified tiles because they are suitable for high-traffic areas, are comparatively more resilient, have incredible longevity, and are simple to maintain. The majority of consumers favor ceramic and porcelain wall tiles because they have non-porous characteristics and are stain-resistant.

It greatly depends on the area you are tiling. If necessary, ceramic and porcelain tiles can be used as floor tiles despite heavy traffic and inclement weather. In a similar manner, vitrified can be effective enough for walls. Everything ultimately comes down to your artistic judgment, some homework, and a little bit of research.

Measure Up

Tiles come in a variety of sizes today. The list of variations includes 300mmx300mm, 600mmx600mm, 800mmx800mm, 300mmx600mm, and many more. Experts advise using large format tiles if you want to give your room a light, airy appearance since they let you create an illusion that will help you do so. However, before choosing the size of your tiles, never blindly follow this tip and always seek professional advice. The specialist will assess your space, take measurements, and work with you to choose the ideal tile size.

The Inspire series of vitrified tiles at Tilesbay Tiles comes in enormous sizes up to 800x1600.

Who Has the Best Finish?

Make doubly sure the finish you choose is appropriate for the area in question. When it comes to common tile finishes, you can choose from matte, glossy, stone, and super glossy. Finding the ideal finish for your space is crucial. Gloss and ultra gloss, for instance, might look great on the walls of your bathroom, living room, etc., but if you're wanting to tile your outdoor space, you might wish to choose a stone finish.

The Right Color 

Colors are crucial in building design. The appropriate color schemes can make your tile game even more successful, whilst the wrong hue selection will cause everything to crumble. Light colors are more common for flooring since they assist you to create a cooler look and feel. Dark color experiments should never be ruled out as a possibility, though. Using two or even three different tiles, one can build concepts and designs that are very gorgeous. This also applies to walls. Light colors are typically preferred since they make a room appear airy and expansive, but adding a tasteful touch of a darker color can always give you a more finished appearance.

Think ahead

When ordering tiles, everyone should adhere to the 10% guideline. Always place an order for 10% more than you anticipate needing. Numerous advantages can result from having an extra lot. Although installation tiles could unexpectedly crack or break, the spare set is useful in these circumstances. It's also possible that you purchased fewer tiles than were actually required to cover a certain area, and when you went back to purchase more, you were unable to locate any tiles that were similar. As a result, it is typically a good idea to purchase additional sets of tiles over the expected quantity.

Reliable Source

Purchasing tiles from a reputable vendor is one thing you should never overlook. Don't purchase your tiles from just any dealer. There are certain sellers who may offer significant and astonishing savings, but they could also be shady. Do your homework and make an informed decision.


In many respects, making tiles is a work of art, and Tilesbay tiles are aware of this. If you're searching, start browsing our website where you'll find a wealth of possibilities. You can streamline your study and easily arrive at the chosen solution with the help of thorough filters. You can also order the perfect tile from the comfort of your home once you've found it. It really is that simple. Have fun tiling!