Guide to design an outdoor new age kitchen

An outdoor kitchen brings the warmth of your kitchen outside your home. It is a great extension to your residence, considering the number of occasions that an outdoor kitchen can help serve. Both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, a new age outdoor kitchen is exactly what you need.

If you are considering an outdoor kitchen for your home, we are here to guide you along the process. There are a few things to keep in mind while designing an outdoor kitchen, like the location, materials, the finishing touches, etc.. We are here to help you design the perfect outdoor kitchen for you.

Find the perfect place

Conduct a site survey of the place where you want your outdoor kitchen to be. Make sure it fulfills all your requirements. Make sure the place is close to, or preferably, attached to your indoor kitchen. Since it is impractical to store all your cooking equipment and ingredients in the outdoor kitchen, easy access will keep everything handy for when you need them. Also, make sure that there’s enough space for all the outdoor kitchen components and for you to move around comfortably in your outdoor kitchen.

Make the best use of your space

With smart equipment and storage appliances, it is possible to make enough space for your outdoor kitchen even with a relatively small carpet area. New age outdoor kitchen appliances from Costco are a great choice. You can utilize corner cabinets, mobile bar carts, outdoor refrigerator, etc. Keep the number of appliances to a minimum, so that your outdoor kitchen does not become boxed up.

How to design your outdoor kitchen

When designing your kitchen, allocate space for each equipment, while keeping in mind the total size of your kitchen. Allow sufficient room for each equipment and cabinet, and make sure it matches your workflow. Design the kitchen while keeping in mind your flow of work. The golden triangle is a rule of thumb in kitchen designs: the sink, grill, and prep station should be close to each other to ensure maximum efficiency.

Consider the material

The material you choose for your outdoor kitchen is not the same that you would choose for your indoor kitchen. Outdoor spaces are exposed to environmental factors like rain, sunlight, snow, heat waves, pollution, etc.. A poolside kitchen would need high-quality material that will not be affected by water and moisture damage. It would also be a wise investment to purchase covers for your cabinets. If you stay in a warm climate area, consider adding some kind of shade to your outdoor kitchen. A tall roof or pergola will also enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor kitchen. For cold climate areas, consider leaving space for heating appliances while designing your outdoor kitchen.

The finishing touches

The finishing touches will add that extra oomph to your outdoor kitchen. Choose the decor according to the overall mood of your kitchen. You may even tailor all your furniture to a particular theme. For the outdoors, always choose durable products.

With our outdoor kitchen ideas, we hope you have a fun time designing and creating your own new age outdoor kitchen.