design modern and bold interiors with new natural stoneStonewall designs exterior can incorporate the best modern luxury interior design ideas. With stone design tiles for floor and interior stone wall cladding and wall cladding stone texture, you can get your dream house. This article will tell you about types of stone for interior walls and types of stone cladding.

Tiling and brick wall cladding may be a lovely idea for house décor, but many of us provide a reconsideration thanks to its application process. Multiple factors enhance your interiors, ranging from selecting poster tiles, their patterns, and brick cladding patterns. it's vital to work out the sort of tiles that suit various areas of your space. We will assist you with the perfect selection of brick cladding and other tiles to supply an ideal area that appears stylish and sturdy.

For Room Walls

Walls occupy a serious appearance as a part of your home, and selecting the proper wall cladding is important. How about decorating your staircase walls with a brick veneer? It can provide a rustic appearance as if that of a houseboat. Another fantastic choice to use brick wall cladding is the living area walls. Most visited places in your house within the living area and enhancing the most wall with stone cladding adds an astonishing touch thereto. Other options, sort of a faux brick design for bedroom walls and stone cladding panels on bathroom walls, also are viable options.


If you would like to feature a dramatic effect on the dull fireplace area, use natural stone cladding to make a veneer effect that will capture anyone’s sights. Being reception, you'll get the texture of enjoying fire warmth during a cozy room in any hill station.

Garden Walls

Brick wall cladding at your garden entrance can impart an Irish effect to the boundary and courtyard walls. We provide you with the foremost comprehensive range of alternatives for exterior stone cladding which will enhance the outside and add durability. The only thing you would like to recollect is to settle on exterior cladding color and style with a natural stone effect because it gives a natural touch that appears classy.


The adaptability of natural stones makes them suitable for all types of interiors, regardless of what your style is. Fieldstone often wants to create an excellent search for contemporary, rustic, and eclectic style homes. The fieldstone is best fitted to creating exterior walls, boundaries, or for enclosing garden spaces with walls but also can be used as accent walls inside the home like near the fireside. Marble and slate are more polished looking, suitable for contemporary and chic interior styles.

Why choose Wall Cladding?

Available in an endless array of colors, patterns, textures, and materials, fence claddings are one of the simplest and quickest ways to feature elegance and class in your space. It lends a way of personality to your house.

Not just aesthetics, a fence cladding also can add a protective layer to your walls. What more, it improves the insulation of your home, thereby preserving the inside temperatures. This suggests your home stays cold in summers and warm in winters.