better homes and gardens playhouse plan

If you are trying to make better homes and gardens, DIY playhouse kits, playhouse plans with loft, shed with playhouse plans on top, etc. are some of the best options out there. Read on for more such amazing playhouse ideas and plans.

Large Playhouse Treehouse

One of the best ways to get your kid connected to nature is a treehouse. If you have a wilderness-facing backyard, then this treehouse is a perfect investment. It combines modern and rustic style with this design. Backed by tree trunks with steps leading up to the home, while enjoying the forest views, your kids will enjoy some refreshments. This one is big enough for a family to enjoy an outdoor picnic inside the walls of their own home.

A DIY Concept Clubhouse

This huge outdoor playhouse is beautiful, large, and spacious, and will not only impress children but also adults. The ideal design to bring back the thrill for kids is a large structure with a swing set, rock climbing wall, slide, table, ladder, and a clubhouse. The highlight is the observatory deck from which, on an illuminated night, you can look at the starry sky.

Playhouse with Pallets

A great way to reuse and recycle things that need not be chucked away, this easy pallet playhouse is a fun project. You can only bring this structure together with some screws using pallet planks and beams thrown away by factories. Apply a fresh coat of paint of your choice and make it look like the home of your own baby.

Playhouse Juice Bar

You might just paint a wooden playhouse with a little coat of white paint, another DIY project. To give it a facelift, add a striped awning and add a piece of wood to act as the bar. For your child to jot down the menu, you might hang a board on the side. Put a fruit basket in place to give it a natural look.

Cool Playhouse Upcycled

This playhouse is all about having some fun extensions to the playhouse when you live in that part of the world where the summers can be dry and harsh. What you need to do is build a solid roof that can support a layer of cob. For the cob layer to stay in place, you will need some wooden strips, tar paper, and wired fencing. To keep it cool during the summers, plant a bed of grass and spread some earth and rocks around the foundation.

Playhouse of Star Wars

If you have children and they are alien fans, then this playhouse inspired by Star Wars is a perfect brainchild. The material can be purchased from a nearby hardware store to convert your playhouse to this style. The octagonal (8 port) window and the wings that are shaped like a hexagon are the main features. To make your kids feel like a Tie Fighter, just add a light fixture to the octagonal window along with an LED light that spins.

Have a great time in your amazing playhouse!