The pandemic has shifted our schools to our cell phones and our offices to our laptops. The entire world is present at our workstation and is just one click away. This scenario has trapped us in four walls and brought stress and reduced physical activity. Since the pandemic conditions are still prevailing, we can still rejuvenate ourselves by bringing the indoors out. It will be not only safe but also provide relief from stress and anxiety, offer hope and resilience and form a deeper connection with nature. 

Here are some top ways to bring the indoors out

Dining under the stars

 After a hectic day at work or in the kitchen, a beautiful candlelight dinner under the stars will provide refreshment. Not only dining, but you can also even consider taking the griller outside and unwind with nature. The use of materials like granite counters and wood pavers would make the entire décor aesthetically pleasing and you can click some Instagram-worthy pictures too. A sleek and modern look can be achieved through weather-resistant seating space and can eventually become a regular dining space. 

Outdoor fireplace 

Nothing can beat the comfort of a chilly evening beside the fireplace with your friends. The memories formed over the fireplace are cherished lifelong. Build a safe fireplace with stacked stone ledgers and white pavers with grass in between. A rustic yet refreshing fireplace would become a great escape for detaching from work and attaching with nature. A small get-together could easily be hosted there and your friends would not be able to stop themselves from clicking pictures in this elegant fireplace 

Pool party 

Water has the inherent property of bringing calmness. Build a pool with a proper base of waterproofing in your backyard and inculcate textures. Using a contrasting color palette that would compliment the water, would create the aura of a real oasis at your home. Installing sleek and elegant textures, patterns and designs would build a refreshing pool area and you might even think of shifting your workstation beside the pool soon. It would provide the needed break from the monotonous work, just a few steps away. 

Green garden 

Going the conventional way, backyards are known for their gardens. While we are all at home, it is time to build a functional garden. Start by building a flower bed and covering the bed with textured tiles to give a rustic finish to the green area. The area should be covered with wood or white pavers which has grass in between to provide a sophisticated and elegant look while leaving some space for the lawn area. Pavers are easier to maintain while a completely open area would require regular pruning and attention. This garden would be an excellent way to build a connection with nature, amidst all the pollution. 

Mini Library 

How can we forget about bibliophiles? The backyard could be converted into a mini library with the rustic wooden finish, some greens, and comfortable yet spacious reading seats, to let the mind wander into a different world while sitting at your home.